Outsource: Animated Plogging Video for iPlog World

iPlog World Brand Meeting

In December of 2021, we had an iPlog World brand meeting with Inventorium USA. To help generate interest and understanding in the plogging movement, reach new audiences and motivate more ploggers, we began brainstorming on a series of new media. The series will revolve around common questions that people have related to plogging. The who, what, where, when, why of it all…

For those of you who don’t know, Frederick SEO & Web Design is the marketing / web design partner of invention start-up Inventorium USA, Inc. Their goal is to bring innovative new products to market in collaboration with inventors and entrepreneurs. We developed the brand iPlog World around their best-selling product the Plogging Bag. This item is designed to help make plogging easier. Many are unfamiliar with this term and activity, thus the reason for making our video.

Iplog Logo New full color blue

Fiverr Freelance Animator

During our meeting, we drafted a script for the first video. Then we reviewed animators for hire on Fiverr, determined a budget and scope for our project, posted a job request, and compared the freelance animators’ responses.

We hired someone who did what they said they would: create a 1 minute whiteboard animation explainer video with voice-over and background music. After the animator’s first draft, we had some back and forth about including our blue bag with logo, replacing some illustrations, and insisting on “voice over recordings” versus computer generated voices. These and more details had been outlined in the initial job description written by our animator, but we still had to negotiate firmly to get what we paid for.

Below is the first video we created to explain the Top 10 Reasons to Start Plogging Everyday. Enjoy!