Website Design & Marketing


For over a decade, Nick Ring has worked with local businesses and nonprofits in Maryland to optimize their web sites, social media, newsletters, directory listings, analytics, advertising, fundraising, and more. In 2020, he launched Frederick SEO & Web Design with a goal to help local businesses thrive, which starts with a healthy web presence.

To establish a local business online, I employ a 3-step SEO system, which translates to easy access and understanding for all users and search engines: 

  • Increase Page Speed / Improve User Experience

  • List & Link Your Local Business

  • Get Customer Reviews

This combination of assets will allow customers, clients and potential partners to find you however they habitually use the internet. Through voice, text, and map searches, they will easily find directions to your location, accurate descriptions of services, pictures, menus, videos, testimonials, and a link to your fast, user-friendly business website.

Following these steps can allow you to develop community and better analyze what people like about your business. Using those analytics, you can better serve your community and carve a more defined niche in your industry.

Our websites are wind-powered.

How Can We Help?

We are happy to offer free consultations to new clients. To get the ball rolling, tell us about your business and what kind of help you're seeking. Share links to your websites and social media.

Frederick SEO & Web Design will work with you to design custom websites, content, and SEO and marketing solutions, or fix / update your existing website.