iPlog World: Website Design, Branding & Marketing

Company Description

iPlog World is a new brand powered by another partner of ours, Inventorium USA, Inc. This startup promotes the fitness trend called plogging by providing a hub for news, apparel and accessories, primarily iPlog World’s patented Plogging Bag. For those who do not know, “plogging” is the act of picking up trash while walking, jogging, running, etc. This term has become widely accepted in referring to various outdoor clean up efforts. Check out the website for the latest plogging news from around the world, and links to purchase products and view our plogging media.

Branding, Marketing & Plogging

Frederick SEO & Web Services has worked alongside both iPlog World and Inventorium USA, Inc. since their founding to consult on business strategy, product development, branding, managing e-commerce, web design & maintenance, SEO, content creation, social media, advertising, and virtual and in-person event planning. We designed the website iPlogWorld.com, the logo, and all marketing media/materials, as well as wrote all published copy. After recieving one of iPlog’s Plogging Kits (which includes a Plogging Bag with shoulder strap, iPlog World t-shirt, and folding reacher grabber tool), we’ve  become ploggers too! Our family plogs in the neighborhood and nearby parks. Sometimes after a windstorm, we even plog in our yard.